Evacuation Order

Leave the area now! The Evacuation Order should include; the time the Order is in effect; a pass form which can be used in the event that the evacuee has a need for controlled re-entry to the area, with instructions for its use.

All persons in the affected area are to be told that, in the interest of their own safety and considering the risk, they are now ordered to leave the area. The written Evacuation Order is to be in a consistent form. There is no discretion allowed in the Order, which clearly indicates immediate evacuation and relocation. The RCMP may enforce this Evacuation Order.

An Evacuation Order takes place when the Incident Commander or EOC Director determines there is an absolute need to evacuate an area, usually on a large-scale, possibly for a long period of time (i.e. for more than 24 hours).

In some instances an Evacuation Order is immediate and no Evacuation Alert is given.

Under a formal written Evacuation Order the impacted population is ordered to evacuate the area specified immediately.  It is an Order and as such does not allow for any discretionary action on the part of the population at risk.  All persons in the affected area are to be told that, in the interest of their own safety and considering the risk, they are now ordered to leave the area.

If an Evacuation Order has been issued:

  1. You MUST LEAVE THE AREA IMMEDIATELY. It is imperative that you report to the Reception Centre indicated. This will allow for effective communications for the evacuation team, Emergency Coordination Centre and other responders. Reporting to the reception centre facilitates contact by concerned friends or relatives, and in matching separated family members.
  2. If you need transportation to evacuate, advise the individual providing the notice of evacuation.
  3. Close all doors and windows in your home. Leave gates unlocked and clear driveways for fire fighter access.
  4. Keep a flashlight and portable radio with you at all times.
  5. Follow the directions of emergency personnel and obey traffic control. Travel will be one-way only out of your area to allow emergency vehicles access. Re-admission is not permitted until the Order is lifted.

 As information is received from the operational front lines, and examined for specific actions, the public will be kept notified of developments, level of evacuation awareness, location of reception centers and other important information.



Annex C: Sample Evacuation Order